A new Diamond Mirror Glass from Diflart Star of Superior family is coming! Like previous Diamond Mirror Glass tiles, this one is also clear and twinkling. 
It is always a surefire way to brighten up your interior space with our Mirror Glass Mosaic.The texture of glass achieve its’ fascinating appearance. It’s exquisite and sparkling.Each piece can be used as a whole sheet or easily cut into small pieces according to your preference and requirements.
Due to its smooth non-porous surface, it is easy to clean and maintain.


For normal care and maintenance of glass tile, wiping the surface with a damp sponge or clothe with water or a light vinegar solution is sufficient. If stronger cleaning is needed, a nonabrasive, neutral pH cleaner can be used.
Glass tile may be damaged from impact with hard or heavy objects, which can lead to chipping or breakage causing sharp cutting edges that can lead to injuries. Always replace any damaged glass tiles immediately.
For regular upkeep, spray grout with a half-and-half mixture of white vinegar and warm water, let it sit for approximately five minutes, scrub with a soft toothbrush, and finally, rinse with water and dry.

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