From Raw Stones to Products  - The Story Behind Diflart

In 2015, Italian designer Emanuele Allegro found that there were lots of shoddy materials in the market to fake the real Carrara, so he decided to establish Diflart. Our brand is mainly driven by the endless passion for helping you find high-quality building materials, and letting you know more about the materials you purchased. We offer a wide range of products without grandiose advertising and excessive packaging. Providing a series of products featuring simplicity, practicality, and aesthetics is our no.1 priority.

The reverence for nature of Diflart can be traced back to right from the start. We adopt advanced high-end technology is not to change the quality of the stone, but to better take its inherent advantages. From mosaic to tile, each piece featured in our catalog is meticulously selected from an exclusive quarry in Italy. Owing and operating our quarry allows us to offer better products at a competitive price so that you receive an excellent solution to any industrial design projects you may face.

In 2018, Diflart developed a long-lasting cooperative relationship with several well-known original equipment manufacturers in the field of building materials industry that captures core capabilities required to launch series of PVC Floor/Glass Tile/Pearl Shell Tile. When it comes to choosing decorative building material, there is a noticeable difference between high and low quality products. We pride ourselves on providing quality products in competitive price possible via selecting the best raw materials and exploring the most reasonable production approach together with the manufacturers.

Simplicity, practicality and aesthetics are deeply embedded in our culture. We devote ourselves to blend natural appeal with modern trend subtly and seamlessly to create a fresh take on the classic pattern and something unique. From raw stones to products, this is the story behind Diflart that you'd all been unaware of before.