Use these mosaic tiles to incorporate the classic herringbone pattern into a space that needs a little extra punch. With its eye-catching zigzags, a herringbone tile is a classic pattern that still works well with sleek and modern designs because of its versatility.
Herringbone tile is a good fit, especially for a small space. Drawing the eyes to the ‘V’ shape in the herringbone pattern conjures an optical illusion that gives the impression of a larger area. Because of this effect, this mosaic tile is a good choice for floor tile in compact spaces such as powder rooms’ laundry rooms or even entryways.


When used on the walls, a herringbone pattern is a nice way to set a certain part of your space apart from the rest. This simple, eye-catching pattern can be the perfect backsplash tile for your kitchen where you desire an elegant and refined pattern, which will be "barely-there"—but still statement-making.
Herringbone Mosaic Tiles are perfect for any interior projects. Carrara White Marble Hexagonal Mosaic tile can be used for kitchen backsplash, bathroom shower floor.White gray field background with a light gray veining and the patterning is usually soft and feathery

First Quality, Carefully Selected, Consistent in size and finish. Factory Direct, Meets your needs at a very low cost. Natural Beauty, Natural stone does vary in pattern and color, so each piece will be unique, which is part of what makes natural stone such a beautiful and interesting material. The picture is representative of one piece of stone and your product may look different.
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