How to Install Beveled Mirror Tiles?

Diflart Inc
03 Oct , 2020


Beveled mirror tiles can be used to expand the visual space of any room in the home. Mirror tiles are used to create large mirrors on the wall, decorative mirrors and even murals. They come in the traditional silver-backed mirror finish, one method to use the tiles is to make large, segmented mirrors in bathrooms, bedroom and hallways.
Next, let's take a look at how to install these mirror glass tiles!

Things Needed

  • Dish soap
  • Sponge
  • Measuring tape
  • Carpenter's level
  • Sandpaper
  • Mirror tile adhesive primer
  • Roller paintbrush
  • Mirror tile adhesive
  • Notched trowel
  • Double-sided mirror tape, 1/4-inch-thick and 1-inch squares
  • Paper towel or cleaning rage


Work in a well-ventilated area.
Only use adhesive specifically made for mirror tiles or the silver on the back of the tile will be discolored by the chemicals found in the adhesive.

Installation Steps

  • Step 1

Clean the wall where you are going to install the beveled mirror tiles with warm soapy water.

  • Step 2

Sand the surface of the wall where the tile will be installed. The rough surface will help the adhesive stick to the wall.

  • Step 3

Set the beveled mirror tiles on a flat work surface and arrange them in the desired installation pattern. Measure the length and width of the design and transfer these measurements to the wall with a pencil. Use a carpenter's level to ensure that the lines you draw are straight and even on the wall.

  • Step 4

Apply an even layer of mirror adhesive primer/sealer to the wall with a roller paintbrush. Wait 40 minutes for the primer to dry.

  • Step 5

Apply an even layer of mirror tile adhesive to the wall with a notched trowel according to the packaging instructions. Wait the required setting time before installing the tile.

  • Step 6

Add four double-sided mirror tape squares for every 12 inches of mirror tile. If your beveled mirror tile is less than 12 inches, place a piece of double-sided mirror tape near each corner of the tile. Peel the plastic cover from one side of the tape and press it into the back of the glass. The tape ensures that the mirror tile remains on the wall while the adhesive sets.

  • Step 7

Remove the plastic cover from the top of the double-sided tape on the beveled mirror tile. Hold the beveled mirror tile at the top corner of the installation area. Gently but firmly press the back of the tile into the adhesive. You may need to slide the tile in place to get it to stick to the wall. Add all of the beveled mirror tiles to the wall, using the drawn installation lines as a guide. Wipe excess adhesive from the front surface of the mirror tile with wet paper towel or a clean wet rag.


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