Crystal of Glacier Glass Subway Tile from Diflart, both artistic and practical, is approarite for using in home decoration.

Made up of three layers, the bottom layer of glaze, the middle layer of color and the top layer of glass, Diflart Glass Subway Tiles present different colors, such as white, green, blue, grey, dark teal, achieve various wonderful outlooks, and the color will never fade.

Different from the heavy texture of marble products, the texture of Diflart Crystal of Glacier Glass Subway Tile is transparent. Transparent texture endows Subway Tile vitality and can liven limited indoor space. 

With charming appearance, versatile style, durable quality, easy cleaning and maintenance, Diflart Crystal of Glacier Glass Subway Tile in many colors suit for exterior and interior decoration in various styles. And it will offer you a space for imagination. 
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