SPC Floor Installation Instructions Are Here!

Diflart Inc
24 Sep , 2020


The installation of SPC floor is a very simple and time-saving work, you can do it yourself absolutely. Let us take a look at the installation steps!


Step 1 

First plank, first row. Leave a 1/4" gap to the left and position the plank tongue-side against the wall.

Step 2

Second plank, first row. Drop this plank gently to the narrow end of the first plank.

Step 3

During the drop down, make sure the planks are tight against each other. Gently press or tap at the narrow end just installed.

Step 4

At the end of the first row, leave a 1/4" gap, to the wall and measure the length of the last plank and cut it off.

Step 5

Second row. First plank should be a minimum length of 8". Click in place.

Step 6

Minimum distance between narrow ends of planks in parallel rows should be at least 8".

Step 7

Second plank,second row. Drop the plank gently to the narrow end of the previous plank.

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