Glass Subway Tiles, Grey, 3x10 Inch, Glossy, Textured, Sparkling Surface
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Glass Subway Tiles, Grey, 3x10 Inch, Glossy, Textured, Sparkling Surface

Vendor: Diflart
The iridescent appearance and sleek feel of the "Star of Superior" Mirror Glass Mosaic lends itself to match perfectly with your bathroom, kitchen or any space desire for a chic yet elegant look.

Material: Glass
Size: W3" /D6"
Color: Silver
Application:Wall Only

Product Type: Glass Subway Tile

Tags: glass tile,

gray glass subway tile

Glass subway tile, a combination of tremendous hand-made craftsmanship, immaculate product quality, and brilliant nature, leads you to a stunning and functional room of your home. It is easy to clean, maintain, and never discolor, making it perfect for a backsplash in the kitchen, bathroom, shower room or other high-end spaces. Its dazzling appearance will be kept for years because we conduct quality inspection three times, respectively, before, during and after the production.

gray glass subway tile

Gray Glass Backsplash Tile For Bathroom Kitchen tile

gray glass subway tile
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Diflart Gray Glass Subway Tile 3x 9 inch

The Advantage of Glass Subway Tiles

·Unmatched beauty: The tiles reflect the light to give your kitchen or bath the appearance of being brighter and larger.

·Easy to clean: Grime and splashes are easy to wipe off glass tiles with a little soapy water or all-purpose cleaner.

·Zero water absorption: Glass is impervious to water with an absorbency rate of 0%

·Durability: It is easy to maintain and never discover, and continues to keep dazzling appearance for years to come.

  • Brand: Diflart
  • Szie: 3x9x0.24 inch (75x228x6mm)
  • Package: 26 Pieces/box, about 4.88 sq.ft/box
  • P.E.I. Rating: 1, Light Traffic (Recommended Wall Use Only)
  • Glass Tile Finish: Polished finish with a high sheen and no variation in tone
  • Installation Area: Backsplash, Bathroom wall, Shower, Fireplace Surround, Outdoor Wall, and Pool

------Product Detail

gray glass subway tile glossy

gray glass subway tile glossy

gray glass subway tile 6mm

gray glass backsplash tile

Gray with Glitter Design

Classical Back & Waterproof

Thickness: 6mm & Durable

Polished and Wave Surface

gray glass backsplash tile

---Advantage of Diflart Green Glass Subway Tiles

gray glass subway tile for kitchen

------Different Laying Methods Bring Different Styles

glass subway tile black

------Two Options to Install Over Original Peel Texture Surface


  • Sand off the texture, and apply a cost of primer, allows at least 72 curing, then apply our tiles on the wall
  • Apply additional high-quality polyurethane construction adhesive on the back of tile(be sure to remove the release film on the back of each tile before apply the adhesive.

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