Diflart Pebble Tile for Shower Floor, Black Marble Veins, 10 sheets
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Diflart Pebble Tile for Shower Floor, Black Marble Veins, 10 sheets

Vendor: Diflart
Very even color palette with soft veining, Italy Bianco Carrara marble adds an appealing visual focal point. This 1inch hexagon carrara marble tile has Elegant color, stunning texture & exquisite workmanship. Suitable for backsplash, interior wall, shower wall, interior floor.

Material: Bianco Carrara
Size: W 11.6 " / D 10.24 " / H 5/16 " (8mm)
Color: White + Grey veining
Application: Floor | Wall
Price for Box, 5 sheets/box, 1 sq.ft/sheets
black pebble mosaic tile
Quantity Formula:


  • Each sheet covers 1 sq.ft
  • 10 sheets (1 box) cover 10 sq.ft
  • The number of boxes you need = the number of sq.ft need to be decorated 10
  • At least 10 % more quantity than your plan will be perfect to avoid any loss during decorating process.


Diflart Pebble Mosaic Tiles Installation Tips

Mesh Mounted


  1. If you use them as bathroom or shower flooring, we recommend our customers to sealed (regular sealer) these tiles after grouting, it will protect the tile and keep your grout in tact. if you want to seal , you can use bulletproof from stone tech & enchance pro .
  2. White thin-set is most used.
  3. You could use a wet saw for cutting chipes , the mesh is a fiberglass mesh and easily cut with a box cutter or scissors.


  • Brand:Diflart
  • Installation Type: Tin-set Mortar
  • Grout Jonit: Sanded grout
  • Sealant: Recommend
  • Application: Floor & Wall

------Product Detail

black pebble tile with marble veins

pebble mosaic tile black mesh backing

pebble shower mosaic tile

pebble shower mosaic tile

Black with white veins

Mesh Backing

Easy to Separate Chips

0.24 Inch (6mm)

------The Advantage of Diflart Pebble Mosaic Tile

black pebble shower tile

------How to Maintain a Pebble Shower Floor


  • Keep moisture levels low.After you shower, leave any windows or doors open if you have them to allow for ample airflow.
  • Squeegee the walls.Taking the time to squeegee water off the walls.
  • Scrub weekly.At least once a week, scrub your shower floor using a brush with moderately stiff bristles.


black pebble floor tile for shower

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