Activity Requirement

1. Amount more than $600

2. Applies to CARRARA MARBLE products only


Activity Guide

1. Complete the payment at first

2. Contact with customer support ( indicates that you will pick up your order from our warehouse and schedule the pick-up time (we need at least 1 day to prepare your order)

3. Customer support will send you a Warehouse Authorization and you need to go to the appointed warehouse with this document.

4. We will pay 10% of the order amount back to your PayPal after you confirming your order. (

* eg: Tom bought $800 Carrara Hexagon Mosaic on 25th January and contacted us to pick up this order on 27th. However, we have to refuse because it's not working day and then Tom changed to 29th. Then, we sent a Warehouse Authorization to Tom and prepared the order on 28th. After Tom picking up his parcel and confirming this order, we paid back $80 to Tom's PayPal.