Diflart Beveled Mirror Subway Tiles 3 x 6 Inch Peel and Stick Pack of 40 Pcs
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Diflart Beveled Mirror Subway Tiles 3 x 6 Inch Peel and Stick Pack of 40 Pcs

Vendor: Diflart
The iridescent appearance and sleek feel of the "Star of Superior" Mirror Glass Mosaic lends itself to match perfectly with your bathroom, kitchen or any space desire for a chic yet elegant look.

Material: Glass
Size: W3" /D6"
Color: Silver
Application:Wall Only

Enlarge your space and make it shine with the Reflections Tile Collection. These tiles are made with real mirrors, diamond-grade polished, to be a jewelry masterpiece in your room. Perfect application for bathroom and kitchen backsplashes.

Peel and Stick 3" x 6" Beveled Silver Mirror Subway Tile

Mirrors add light, shine, and sparkle. It also adds the illusion of space. These versatile tiles help create an elegant, custom look for any decor. You can also add an artistic and dramatic flair to the room. The mesh backing not only simplifies installation, it also allows the tiles to be separated which adds to their design flexibility.


------The Advantage of Reflection Mirror Subway Tile

High Temperature Resistance

Can be used in backsplash for kitchen and fireplace

Silver-plated & Waterproof

Silver-plated on the back and can be used in the bathroom

Peel and Stick & Easy to Install

Polished surface, and peel and stick design,easy to Install

------Installation & Maintain Tip:

  • They are silver-plated on the back and can be used inside the shower wall where they will get wet.
  • Please do not install this peel and stick tiles in areas with frequent water
  • Glass and Decorative tiles are extremely beautiful for backsplashes and other wall applications.
  • Use a pH neutral cleaner for regular maintenance.
  • To remove hard water spots on glass, use a very mild acidic cleaner, washing off the cleaner immediately.

------Different laying methods bring different styles

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