Natural Green Marble Pastry Cheese And Cutting Serving Board 20 x 16 Inch
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Natural Green Marble Pastry Cheese And Cutting Serving Board 20 x 16 Inch

Vendor: Diflart
SKU: PC0002

Product Type: Cutting Board

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  • Material: Natural Green Marble
  • Color: Green
  • Large Size: W 20" / D 16" / H 0.8"  
  • Small Size: W 16" / D 12" / H 0.5"  
  • Weight 19 LB.
  • Use: Pastry Cheese Board /Cutting Serving Board

green marble pastry board-1

Please note that natural stone does vary in pattern and color, so each piece will be unique, which is part of what makes natural stone such a beautiful and interesting material.

Make sure that you do not use harsh cleansers that could end up stripping the marble away of its shining appearance whenever you are doing regular weekly cleaning of the board.

If you use acids, it will definitely damage the marble’s surface. Therefore, if there are stains coming from foods and drinks that contain any kind of acids, you must immediately clean them away.

green marble pastry board-2

BEAUTIFUL AND QUALITY MARBLE - Contrasting veins of color add a stylish touch to any kitchen. Proudly display your natural marble board when not in use! Doubles as an elegant serving piece and suits for any style of kitchen!

KEEPS DOUGH COOL - Pastry chefs value marble for its natural ability to stay cooler when rolling pastry, cookie and even pizza dough! Refrigerating the dough for 15-30 minutes has best results to keep dough from sticking. Besides, it can also be used for serving cheese, fruits or dessert.

EASY TO CLEAN - Moisture proof. Its smooth surface can be easily cleaned with hot water and soap, more hygienic than other conventional types of cutting boards. Unlike wooden cutting boards, those marble one will not warp when soaked in water.

EXTREMELY DURABLE - Resistant to scarring and maintenance free for its hard and long-lasting material. Perfect for chopping and cutting while please note that its toughness can even exceed that of knives. Hence, please be a bit more careful when using this board to protect your knives.

IDEAL SIZE - Ample room for rolling and two kinds of size available for you!

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