Frosted Glass Crystal Diamond Mirror Mosaic Tile Pack of 5 Sheets
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Frosted Glass Crystal Diamond Mirror Mosaic Tile Pack of 5 Sheets

Vendor: Diflart
SKU: DM0020
The iridescent appearance and sleek touch of Mirror Glass Mosaic lend itself to be mixed and matched perfectly with your bathroom, kitchen or any space craving a chic yet elegant look.

Material: Glass
Size: W11.6 " / D11.6 " / H0.2 "
Color: Silver
Application:Wall Only
Package: 5 Sheets/box, 1 sq.ft/Sheet, 5 sq.ft/box
mirror glass mosaic backsplash tile

Diflart Star of Superior Mirror Glass Backsplash Tile

Inspired by the amethyst found in Lake Superior, Diflart Star of Superior Diamond Mirror Glass was created. Clear as the water of Superior,dazzling like sparkling lake, it can match various interior decoration style. Diflart Star of Superior Diamond Mirror Glass, makes you feel like living on the shores of Lake Superior.

mirror glass mosaic tile

Silver Mirror Glass Mosaic Tile

Silver Mirror Crystal Mosaic Tile

Due to the chips are stuck on the mesh by natural glue which it is not firm like ordinary glue , it is reasonable that one or two chips fall off through transportation, they are easy to reset. When you install them, just stick the chips on the original place by non-sanded, thin grout it will work like others.

Silver Mirror Crystal Glass Mosaic Tile

Installation & Maintain Tips

1.Please use netural and non-sanded grout or sealent.

2.For regular upkeep, spray grout with a half-and-half mixture of white vinegar and warm water, let it sit for approximately five minutes, scrub with a soft toothbrush, and finally, rinse with water and dry.

  • Specification
  • Size: 12 x 12x0.2"(about 305x305x5 mm)
  • Chip Size: 0.39" /0.59"Inch (about 10 ~15 mm)
  • Area to be covered by each package: 5 square feet
  • Installation method: polymax glue or double sided adhesive tile mat
  • Use: Perfect for use in any iresidential or commercial project

------Product Detail

mirror glass backsplash

mirror glass tile

mirror glass tile

13 Facets Sqaure and Frosted Subway Mosaic

Clear and Thick

Mesh Backing Design

----The advantage of Diflart Mirror Glass Mosaic Backsplash Tile


------Brighten up your interior space with our bright mirror glass tiles

------Applicable to a variety of scenes, kitchen, bathroom, porch, living room background wall, etc.

silver glass mosaic tile

silver glass mosaic backsplash

silver glass mosaic backsplash

----How to Install These Mirror Glass Mosaic Tile


---Quantity Formula:

Each sheet covers 1 sq.ft, 5 sheets (1 box) cover 5 sq.ft

The number of sheets you need = the number of sq.ft need to be decorated.

Please plan to buy at least 10% more quantity than needed to consider cuts, installation losses and future repairs

Diamond mosaic tiles mounted on a sturdy mesh tile sheet, could easily cut by a scissors, DIY is also good.

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